As a working mom, do you feel like you are failing or simply unable to be everything you need to be for everyone?

1. Sign her up for daily encouraging texts

Your days are filled with conference sessions, meetings and the late night dinners, this is where mom guilt can really set in. You can sign her up for encouraging daily texts, while you are away. It's free and the texts are delivered at various times of day and they all will include her name in each loving supportive encouraging text. Get off the list anytime by typing STOP.

2. Stop judging yourself

Oh man, you missed pajama day today? You can't volunteer at the spring party? PTA riding you to volunteer? You feel bad that your husband has to do it all while you are away? Who cares?! Really, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Your kids have already forgotten about missing pj day. The moms that you think have it together...also have their fair share of guilt about something or another too. And dad? He'll be fine and probably is having fun doing things his way, while you are away. : )

3. Her favorite thing

This tip will help you stay in the moment and feel less anxious about being away. Ask your daughter what the one thing she would like to do with you when you get back. For example, maybe her one thing is she wants you to take her shopping or maybe it's to take her to get a pedicure. Plan on doing that and it will relieve some of the pressure of feeling guilty knowing that you have a plan and she will be happy, which will make you both feel better.

4. Make a Date

Take a personal day or block off a Saturday for "just the two of you". The time together will feel extra special and will be something you can both look forward to. Watch a movie, going for a bike ride or going to a coffee shop to play a board game.

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