6 Tips on How to Have a Good Day

1. Stretch 
It doesn't need to be a full on yoga session but take some time to stretch in the morning. You could do it in bed or standing up in your room. Reach your arms in the air as high as you can go, and slowly bend over and reach for your toes. Hang down there for as long as your body tells you to, then slowly move back up to standing and repeat 4 more times.

2. 5 Minute Meditation

After your morning stretch find a comfortable spot on your bed or floor and sit with your legs crossed. Set your phone timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and imagine white light flowing into the top of your head and the positive power moving throughout your body. I like to say the words So Hum over and over again. Try not to think about your day or yesterday, just plug into the universe's power and enjoy the positive energy.

3. Write 2 Pages in your Journal 

This idea comes from Julie Cameron and her daily practice she called Morning Pages. Take out a notebook or journal and spend the next part of your morning just writing what comes to mind. You shouldn't really think about what to write, just listen to your inner voice and write the thoughts that come into your head. This is way to work through issues, get ideas down on paper and have a dialog with yourself everyday.

4. Superwoman Pose 

After getting dressed stand in front of the mirror and stand with your feet out wide and your hands on your hips, like Superwoman. Stand there looking at yourself, keep your chin up and shoulders back. This pose will tell your body and mind that you are confident and powerful. You can also do this in the bathroom at work or school before you give a presentation.

5. Hug yourself 

I find this a funny thing to do, and maybe a little silly but try it anyway. Take your arms and wrap them around your body. Try to reach around to your back or if that is too hard hold your arms and squeeze! Keep this hold for a minute or so. I like to finish it off by kissing my left shoulder. 

6. Smile & Say Hi to All The People You See
This will really make you feel good. When you're going to school or work, each person you come across, smile and say hi. You will get a lot of smiles back and it will fill you up with lots of good positive vibes.

Share what you do to set yourself up for a good day, in the comments below.