For Parents: A Daily Text Message to Ease Teen Anxiety

For Parents: A Daily Text Message to Ease Teen Anxiety

An average girl’s self-esteem peaks at the age of 9. At 10 she gets a cell phone and by the time she’s 13, she’s checking Instagram 100 times a day looking to feel accepted and less alone.

Teen anxiety has skyrocketed because of the pressure to fit in both in real life and on social media. When they doubt themselves they are less likely to speak up or try new things in fear of failing. As parents, we feel helpless, wanting to figure out a way to help. 

Parents now have a solution.

Pincurl Girls created a way to send your daughter an encouraging text message every day. Our texts are like mini self-help sessions to help her feel better, believe in herself and put a smile on her face.

Together, we, as mothers, are concerned for the future of girls, like our daughters and the millions of girls like them who are forming opinions of themselves that will last a lifetime. Imagine the power in sending positive texts to millions of girls every day as they enter life’s most defining years.

These messages will strengthen the way they see themselves, giving them the courage and the confidence to speak up, run for office and teach others the power of believing in themselves. And these small but mighty messages will inspire young women to grow up and change the world! 

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