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We held the first GIRLBRAVE Fest with an amazing group of young women, ages 10-15 years old. The theme of the event is "BRAVE!" What makes us brave? Our goal was to show girls they are brave even when they might feel unsure or nervous inside. The day started with a photo booth where the girls had their photo taken in a "brave" pose. 

Taking Up Space (With Awesomeness)!

Next, Becky Boesen instructed the group to create a sculpture with all 27 girls working together. One by one the girls took turns adding themselves into a sculpture, filling each other's negative space. They acted out the words "Lonely",  "Girl Party" and "Brave". 

What does it mean to be brave?

We ended the day with a panel discussion. A diverse group of teens shared stories and advice on how they overcame struggles and have become stronger and braver as a result.


If you are still reading all the way down here...perhaps you would like to join our team? We're looking for volunteers to help plan future GIRLBRAVE events. If you are able to help financially, click below and donate, all contributions help.


March 2020 - Omaha, NE 

June 2020 - Kearney, NE 

August 2020 - Kansas City, MO 

October 2020 - Des Moines, IA 

December 2020 - Lincoln, NE

Get the Swag

Each girl left with a swag bag full of goodies like a mirror cling, a book, and cat ear head bands. I also had my 2020 calendars available for purchase.

GIRLBRAVE Unisex Hoodie




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