A girls self-esteem peaks at the age of 9.
In middle school, she starts comparing herself to the “perfect” photos she sees on online and feels bad about herself. 

Teen anxiety has skyrocketed because of the pressure to fit in BOTH in real life AND on social media. When teen girls have low self-esteem they are less likely to speak up or try new things in fear of failing. 

As parents, we feel helpless, wanting to figure out a way to help our daughters not coward in self doubt but instead be confident young women. 

No other company is connecting with teens in an emotionally supportive way like we are with the Pincurl Girls. 

Our best selling products are the calendars. Each calendar month has a Pincurl Girl drawing with a positive saying like, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”. 

Pincurl Girls are here to help your daughters get through the hard times, like Sunday nights when anxiety sets in about school on Monday. We are here if she needs an encouraging text message that arrives in the middle of a stressful day that says “you are doing great” 

We are here to help teens feel more confident about themselves and encourage them to step past self-doubt and take steps toward increased self confidence!