I use a website platform called Shopify. There is a cool feature called Live View. It lets me know when someone is on my site and what state or country they are in. I find myself checking to see if anyone is on my site more than I check Instagram! When I have 0 live visitors, it feels bad. 

When I do see people LIVE on my site I get so excited and wonder, what they are looking at? Do they like my stuff? You might find it hard not to judge yourself when you put yourself out there too. But remind yourself, that YOU are YOU, and your idea might help someone! 

Look for silver linings...self-judging or analyzing what you can improve on isn't all bad, you will always be growing. Be easy on yourself and try not to judge yourself too hard. Find a way to use that passion in a positive way to push yourself forward.

If you need more encouragement, think about signing up for a daily encouraging text message.