How to Crush Embarrassment with Courage

If you are struggling with trying new things or putting ourselves out there, speaking up in class, courage is all about just doing little things, small things, and building up the courage. 

Hello, it's Jen and you are listening to the GIRLBRAVE podcast. How are you today? Today? I want to talk about the fear of being embarrassed. As we grow up and mature, we all have different levels of anxiety over what people will think of us. You know, that's a true, true feeling. If you are struggling with trying new things or putting ourselves out there, speaking up in class, courage is all about just doing little things, small things, and building up the courage. 

There's no way that you can expect yourself to decide from one second to the next that, okay, I'm going to do it. I got this. I'm going to do the sleep thing. I think you're probably more like, oh my gosh, I did not want to do that. I do not want to do that. Now I do that to not want to do that little teeny things that you can do over time will add that courage inside of you. And then when you really do need that big burst of courage, you can draw on all those little things that you've done. And then do that thing that you won't, that you've been wanting to do. 

But when you are hearing that inner voice inside of you saying, oh no, no, no, don't call me. Don't pass me. The ball don't do that. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not me. Not me. Not me, not me. That isn't a time where you should step back and think about the thoughts and decide. Is this a good opportunity for me to gain a little bit of courage? Could this be the little thing today that takes a little bit of courage to do? And that will get me more used to doing things that I don't want to do. And the reason you want to do things like this, like taking the shot and the soccer game, or showing your piece of art in a zoo class or raising your hand in class, even though you might not have the right answer is because as you grow older and you run into more experiences, you're going to want to interact with more people. They're gonna want to make those connections. 

And being fearful of speaking out is going to hinder you. Honestly, it's going to hinder you. And that's why the things that your parents signed you up for such as cam and sports, they're all paving the way for those experiences with people. So when you need to step up and yeah, and give your thoughts or propose or plan, or to get your community gathered around an idea that you really believe in, you're going to happen to have the courage to pick up. So it might not seem like right now, you want to speak up, but use these opportunities that life has given you to practice speaking up. It's all about the, and you're not going to embarrass yourself. Your friends probably aren't listening because they're too worried about being called on next. A lot of times, the person that speaks out, even though they're nervous will gain something that you wouldn't have gained. If he didn't speak out, such as the leader of the group might pull you aside afterward and say, I have someone that you should meet that can help you with this there are opportunities that will present themselves to you. If you take that first step and that first step is just getting over the fear and going for and trying for what your whole body is saying. No, do no. Don't make me do it, do it and do it. Don't make me do it. It'll make you so much stronger. And you'll be so proud of yourself. And it doesn't have to be big things. It can be teeny things, but they add up, they add up and I'm super excited for you. 

And I'm proud of you. And I'd like you to listen to that voice inside of you this week and figure out it's my time to try this, even though I'm really afraid to do it and then do it and be okay with the results. One of these days, when you think about not wanting to do it, you'll be like, give me the ball, give me the ball, gave me the ball. I want to talk. I want to talk. I want to talk. I wonder what is my head? Here's my picture. What do you think of the picture?  You know that will be fine. My best wishes to you. If you'd like to sign up for my daily encouraging text messages, you sure can do, P I N C U R L G I R L And I have a new art gang starting and August excited about it, so head over to creative art and sign up for a free art lesson coming up here in July. All right. Have a great day.