I did it!

It took me years to get up the nerve to do this! 

I bet this will sound very silly to you but I've been afraid to make this calendar. 

Yes, 7 years afraid. But this year I put on my brave girl pants and did it! My previous calendars have been smaller, 8.5" x 11" and this year I went BIG TIME and made it 12"x12" with a protective envelope!!!  So profresh!

I am so glad I finally got up the nerve because I LOVE them. And I hope you do too. 

If you have been thinking about doing something that scares you out of doing it, here's a BIG NUDGE!! DO IT!!  DO IT!! DO IT!! 

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  • Congrats! This is gorgeous, Jen – big and bright and loving. The special days reminders and encouraging little notes are so thoughtful. I’m happy for you and everyone who’ll get one!

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