4 New Ways to Praise Your Daughter

1. When talking to your daughter or granddaughter about her accomplishments, instead of giving praise for the end result, such as, "Wow, this drawing is wonderful!" Give praise for the effort, the determination, and learning that come from making mistakes. Such as,  "Wow, honey, you put a lot of time and passion into this drawing."

2. Ask her what she did today that took her out of her comfort zone. Congratulate her for being brave and encourage her to continue trying new things because it will develop new neural pathways in her brain that will make it become easier and easier for her the next time.

3. During my art critiques, I ask my students, what is one thing you struggled with and what’s one thing you are proud of. Usually, they are proud of figuring out what they struggled with. When we are honest about our struggles it helps us understand that we are, in fact, learning new things.

4. Talk to your daughter about your own mistakes and remind her making mistakes doesn't eliminate her power! Share with her stories from your day at work and how things don't always go right, but in the end, mistakes can be fixed and you are still a valuable person on the team.

Well, I hope some of these ideas helped. Together we can teach the next generation to always feel strong and believe in themselves. 

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I’m cheering you on, always!