Help us CHOOSE from these 3 GREAT young women!

We are giving away a $250 scholarship to an inspiring young woman.12 girls were nominated and we have picked our 3 finalists. The winner will get scholarship money that can be used for art classes, STEM camp, summer camp, dance, music lessons, a tutor, basically anything she needs to help her become the person she dreams of becoming. The winning girl will also be turned into a Pincurl Girl character and animated into a short social media video!


Jane is a go-getter! She has been trying to earn money to pay her own way to Girl Scout Camp, Camp Wondering Waters. She jumps at every challenge and is happy and enthusiastic most of the time. She is also a planner so she doesn't wait until the last minute to plan or schedule things that she loves to do.


Mia is a very accomplished, hard-working and talented young woman. She has been dancing all her life, but her primary focus has been ballet. She has attended many dance camps, specials, has danced in many productions and works incredibly, incredibly hard for all her successes.She believes in empowering others to succeed, being strong and following her passions. Mia would use the money to go to Dance Camp.


Nora is smart and fierce but also an introvert. She stands up for what she believes in and is very adamant about social justice for all people. She has stood up to bullies at her school and been there to help other students by being a friend. Nora would use the money to go to Girls Rock Denver Camp (a camp where girls get to be in a rock band)

Please let us know who you think should be chosen by commenting below. 

We are taking nominations for our next round of scholarships. Nominate a girl by clicking this link.

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  • I would like to vote for Mia Petkovic. She’s such a great example to other young ladies of how hard work, dedication and focus hs helped her to achieve her goals!

  • I vote for Jane and her entreprenurial spirit! The idea that she wants to “pay her own way” for her activities is the first step in creating a lifestyle that is satisfying and independent. The lessons learned in developing and owning a small business extend beyond the money earn—it develops soft skills and organizational skills as well as reaches the depths of one’s soul in the area of worthiness, creativity, empathy, and giving back to the world around as resources and awareness increases.

  • I would like to vote for Mia Petkovic.

  • I am voting for Mia, her hard work and dedication to ballet are so inspiring. She deserves the scholarship because she is always striving to better herself and those around her.

  • I vote for Mia Petkovic

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