Connecting with the girls.

There is something so special about seeing, meeting and talking to the girls who have found my work. They are our future and I am excited and confident they will go above and beyond their goals.

Meet Khloe

This precious girl is Khloe. She followed Pincurl Girls on Instagram and I recognized her name from an order I just packaged up. So I messaged her to say hi! I loved chatting with her and at the end of our conversation I asked her if she would be willing to record a video herself flipping through the calendar. Both her and her mom agreed and it's the cutest, sweetest video ever! 

The Sweetest Voicemail

Meet Chelsea

"I think I am brave because I have will power. I'm able to be resilient. Being brave to me as a growing girl, I think it means being able to do what some say is the impossible."