Video Art Class : Make a Mask

Hi! You made it!! This is a fun project to make, all you will need is a cardboard box for the base of your mask and some cereal or cracker boxes for the mouth, nose and eyes. 


1. Cut a not normal shape of a face out of an Amazon box or any cardboard box. I would make it taller than 12 inches, maybe 14 or 16 inches. Use craft paint to and a brush to paint a few different colors onto the box. 

2. Next draw two eyes, a nose and a mouth with pencil on the cracker box. Cut them out and paint them. Have fun with your colors, don't use normal colors, go crazy and take some risks.

3. Once dry, glue your facial features onto the background box. You may have to put something heavy on them until they dry. The edges of my mouth kept curling up until I put the heavy glue bottle on it until it dried.

4. Optional: I used a thick black sharpie to outline my shapes with a black line. I also use Posca paint markers to draw dots on the yellow section of my mask.

Now it's your turn! In the comments below let me know if you have any questions and tell me what you thought about this project!

Once you are done, I would love to see it! Post it on my Facebook page!

-Your hype gal, Jen!

Join me for a LIVE art lesson on Friday, May 21st!