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Pincurl Girls Connect with Teens in an Emotionally Supportive Way

A girls self-esteem peaks at the age of 9. In middle school, she starts comparing herself to the “perfect” photos she sees on online and feels bad about herself. Teen anxiety has skyrocketed because of the pressure to fit in BOTH in real life AND on social media. When teen...

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BFFTexts Strengthen the Father-Daughter Bond Catching more eye rolls than softballs from your daughter lately?  A girl’s self-esteem peaks at the age of 9. That is the point where she becomes aware of the increasingly unattainable expectations from family, tv, social media and peers that she is not enough. Connect...

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Motivation to help you feel better. Listen to this when you need a pick me up.

Just so you are GREAT! YOU ARE GREAT! Believe it in your soul, believe it in your body. It doesn't feel like you are great all the time, but you are. You are so GREAT! Just think about yesterday and how great you were, I mean, that was great...

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Leadership is not about being the biggest or loudest person in the room.

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