Inspirational Calendars for Girls

Did you know, girls begin to doubt themselves as early as 10 years old?

A girl's self-esteem peaks at the age of 9. My daughter is 10 and I'm seeing that she has more insecurities and self doubt already.

We need to constantly be reminding our daughters to believe in themselves. To help with this, I've created an encouraging wall calendar. The 2020 calendar is a great gift to help quiet self-doubts and give her the courage to say "YES, I can do that!!" Each month lots of encouraging quotes and to-dos to keep her feeling happy and supported.


This is my second year purchasing this calendar. The illustrations and monthly motivational phrases are EVERYTHING!So, so cute and proudly displayed in my office. Thanks and I’ll be back for next years calendar. #BlackGirlMagic

- Dawn M

This probably the cutest calendar I've ever seen. All I can say is REPRESENTATION MATTERS! 

- Yolanda B

Loving my calendar - Represents diversity in a beautiful way! Thank you so much for creating it and having it available to enjoy and show off !

- Dana A

This is my second calendar from this gifted Artist and I LOVE it! I will keep each one because they are so amazing! I would recommend these calendars to everyone woman, teen girl and girl everywhere :D

- Linda V

My Granddaughter loves her calendar. It was an excellent gift for her. Thank you for helping me shine, as Grandma. I have seven more to purchase for this year.

- Darlene

This is the cutest calendar ever, my daughter loved it! I will continue to buy it as long and they are made!

- Tiara B

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