Let's be texties!!

Ping. Get a dose of "you go girl" texted to you every day. Don't worry, we won't get on you for not texting us back! These daily pings feel good, like a bff in your pocket. 

Imagine this...it's 2:00, you are in school and you just got a D on your math test. Plus your friends aren't being nice and you feel like terrible because of cramps. Then you feel your phone buzz and you pull it out of your pocket and see you got a text.

You read:

Hi, girl, we're cheering you on! You are not average, you are phenomenal!! Have a great day. Luv, Pincurl Girls


The texts will make you smile, get you out of your head for a bit and cheer you up. Every day you will get a new text at a new time, hopefully just when you need it most.

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