We have a list of girls who want to continue getting daily inspirational texts but they have no money to purchase them. If you would like to anonymously sponsor a girl with 6 months worth of texts, we could start sending out daily positive texts to the girls who have reached out to us.

We, at Picurl Gils, would like to afford to give all the texts away for free but our texting software does cost us money each month that our budget can't handle.

We thank you in advance for spreading positivity and love to girls who need it most.

Here is a little bit about the texts:  It's fun getting a little smile-inducing surprise, right? These inspirational texts are sent at random times of the day because the fun is NOT knowing when they will come. The texts (which include your name) will ping you with a message sure to make you smile. Boost your self-image, enable your inner warrior because we are sending love your way, one SMS text a day.



"It reminds me that someone out there actually cares, and even if I’m having an awful day they make me smile."

"They're so inspirational!! I look forward to them so much, and they always seem to come at a time that I need them!" 

"I like that they come at different times. It's like a little surprise reminder like hey I'm totally worth rooting for." 

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