~ Makeup | Pencils & Markers | Feminine Products ~


~ Created to Cheer You On ~

Just by carrying this bag, you’ll have a friend to support and remind you that anything is possible.


Sabrina loves creating and always is wearing her bright fuchsia lipstick!
Sabrina by your side, you too will be able to tap into the creative side of life!


Feel cute every day carrying this Khloe bag. Khloe has the energy you need to ace the test or accomplish new goals. 


This bag is infused with the creative energy of Black artist, Bisa Butler!

Carry your favorite micron pens in this bag, grab your sketchbook and be off on your urban sketching adventure!


She’s a goal-oriented and self-motivated kick-ass mama. Kim is logical, strong-willed, and she can be quite competitive. Bring Kimberly with you and you will feel her superstar magic!


~ and specs ~

Cosmetic Bag

A functional makeup & cosmetic bag. Holds several small items like makeup brushes, lipstick, eye shadow. Fits 7" makeup brushes

Pencil Case

Perfect fit for markers, gel pens, pencils, and your cute animal erasers

Feminine Products Bag

Perfect size to hold your tampons and pads during "that time of the month"

Ultra Lightweight & Portable

Bag dimension is 8.2 x 2.7 x 5.1 in.

Won't weigh you down.

This bag only weighs 2.5 oz

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