I Believe In Myself Bracelets


Your goal is to move over all 12 bracelets by the end of the week. Every little step you make toward your goals will add up quickly. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, so believe in yourself.

Sets includes 12 bracelets fits most girls 12 and up. Jelly bracelets are also available for girls with smaller wrists.



Step 1. Put all the bracelets on one wrist.
Step 2. Pick a few goals for the week and  make a list of small steps you can take  to reach those goals. 
Step 3. Each time you take small step toward your those goals, move a bracelet to the other wrist.
Step 4. Track your goals with this worksheet.


I Believe In Myself Bracelets

I Believe in Myself Bracelets - Sofia