Hi, I'm Jen. 

I'm an artist, mother, writer, and cheerleader for girls, encouraging them believe in themselves. I've been sending encouraging daily text messages to girls for over a year and the response has been amazing! Sign your girl up and join in on the fun!

Even when life gets busy, your girl will be sent encouraging text messages...every day.

Gift daily text messages that will encourage your girl and make her smile. You'll have peace of mind that your girl will read a motivating message that is personalized with her name

Text messages are appropriate for girls 10 years old & up and are sent at different times of the day, so it will always feel like a surprise!

365 encouraging messages, one text a day.


(Texts start Jan. 1, 2020)

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Texts Connect with Teens

  • I love the motivation and the positivity that they bring each time I open them.

  • I love that I might have a bad day but this makes me feel better.

  • Random, never know when they will arrive.

  • Always positive and uplift

  • They are very encouraging to me and inspire me to keep on pushing.

  • I luv how they let me know that it’s ok to have a bad day and that everyday won’t be that way.

  • Brightens my day.

  • I'm not the greatest about positivity and sometimes it's just what I need to stop a negative thought process.

  • They're unexpected and encouraging.

  • Your texts lift me up when I’m having a bad day. They encourage and inspire me. I share them with all my friends.

  • They mention my name, they have a specific positive thought, they come at different times.

  • The texts brighten my mood and encourage me to keep going.

  • Always puts a smile on my face.

  • Honestly, everything they are always an uplifting moment in my day.

  • I love how they’re a little pick me up for my day.

Sign your girl up, today.

Texts will start January 1st, 2020.

1. Fill out the form with information for the girl you'd like to get the texts. Her first text will say the gift is from you.

2. Hit submit and you'll be taken to the check out page.

We will NOT sell or share any information. If your girl wants to stop getting texts, she can text STOP to be taken off the list, no refunds for cancelled texts. Standard text data rates apply.