Who are the Pincurl Girls?

The Pincurl Girls understand how it feels to struggle with self-doubt and anxiety. Everyone is insecure at times but it’s ok to mess up ... that is how you learn. You need to know that anything is possible, including success and happiness, if you believe in yourself.

The Pincurl Girls want to encourage you to know that you are uniquely beautiful and strong. We want to see you grow up to be courageous, focus on your dreams, and remain positive and true to yourself, even if there is some self-doubt along the way.



Personality Type: AthleteLives in the present

What makes her feel happy: Working on herself by reading and journaling

What makes her feel sad: Disorganization and then feeling disappointed in herself



Personality Type: Go-getter, Loves learning new things

What makes her feel happy: Teaching others

What makes her feel sad: When things don’t happen as quickly for her as she hopes they do.



Personality Type: Dancer. Outgoing. Always on the lookout for new opportunities.

What makes her feel sad: Not knowing if she’s making the right decisions.

What makes her feel happy: Dancing, Hanging out with friends, Being on Student Council, Organizing Fundraising Events


Personality Type: Roller derby girl. Mostly outgoing but shy on the inside

What makes her feel happy: Roller Derby. Reading comics. Swimming.

What makes her feel sad: When doesn’t get something right the first time