Hi, I am Jen.

I started drawing the Pincurl Girls several years ago to help cheer me up when I felt alone and down on myself. My inner mean-girl voice kept telling me I wasn’t good enough. I had to do something to make it stop, so I could start believing in myself

With the help of my art and finding people who encouraged me, I gradually learned to quiet my negative thoughts and started to feel happier and better about myself. Now, my most important goal is to support you, who may be feeling the way I used to. 

I am in your corner cheering you on. Think of me and my art, books and clubs like fairies, guardian angels or imaginary friends who are here to make you feel less alone and encourage you to have the self-confidence and guts to work towards your goals & dreams. You have everything you need inside of you to make your dreams come true. And now with Jen by your side, you’ll have another positive voice telling you...anything is possible. 

Special message for the grown-ups 

I believe, like I imagine you do, that we are surrounded by too many negative, hurtful defeating voices and images. I started drawing and writing to provide an affirming, positive counterbalance to the unrealistic models in magazines and unkind facebook posts that are a part of our daily lives. All of my products have encouraging images and messages specially chosen to support and encourage girls of all ages, like you. As a mother, artist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, I thrive on inspiring others by sharing my journey of self-doubt to self-love! 


What does Pincurl Girls mean? My mom used to put pincurls in my hair when I was younger. I dreamed of waking up with beautiful hair. However, only crunchy not prefect curls came out. So, I would feel self-conscious about the way I looked all day at school. So to me Pincurl Girls help remind me that even with bad hair, I can still find happiness.

Is Pincurl Girls a socially responsible company? Yes, I work hard to make a difference in the lives of both woman and girls. My product are created to inspire, encourage and lessen self-doubt. 20% of all sales are placed in the GIRLBRAVE Scholarship Fund.

What is the GIRLBRAVE Girl Scholarship Fund? Although my products give positive messaging, I felt the need to do more to encourage girls so I started a scholarship fund that gives one girl $200 every quarter to a girl who has the drive and courage to work toward her goals. The money can help to pay for art lessons, dance class, summer STEM camps or anything that will help her achieve her goal.

What topics do you like to speak about? Can I book you?
I love speaking to new groups of people. I have presentations about positive self-confidence and positive thinking for girls of all ages that are part of my book, Skip the Bad Songs. Email me at jen@pincurlgirls.com or text 402-730-6746 and let's talk.

Do you have any fundraisers I can use to help raise money for my girls' organization? 
Yes, my calendars can be sold to raise money for your organization. Email me for the order form and more information at jen@pincurlgirls.com or text 402-730-6746. 

What pets do you have?
Our family has a dog named, Parker. She is a Coton de Tulear Poodle Mix. She is very snuggly and super jumpy at times. Her bark startles us everyday if someone is walking on the sidewalk outside our house.