The young women from Girls Inc share what makes them Strong, Smart and Bold.

Hi, I'm Jen Landis, founder of Pincurl Girls. And this is the GIRLBRAVE podcast. 

Today's podcast is going to be a little different. I led a workshop with a group of girls from Girls Inc Eureka program. 

They learned how to create a podcast and how to set up the equipment they were attached with naming their podcast, writing the questions and conducting the interview. 

The podcast theme was centered around the Eureka program and how it has made them strong, smart and bold. 

So let's hear from two of the groups now: 

Hi, welcome to T T T with girls that talk. So today we have some girls from Girls Inc right now and they're going to be sharing some experiences with being in this program. First we have Pony.Alright, Pony. What are benefits or opportunities from Girls Inc some benefits and opportunities from Girls Inc?

Scholarships. Getting to meet new people, going to really fun field trips to do fun activities and learn. 

That's great. Um, what kind of activities does girls inc do? 

We get to go to like field trips and we get to like learn a lot of things that like we wouldn't have learned like probably an on our own time. 

Yeah. Interesting. Okay. Thank you pony for answering some of those questions. Now. Next do we have Hannah? So Hannah, how did you feel meeting more than 20 girls? 

You know, it was really overwhelming first and it just, cause there's just so many people that you don't really know, maybe a couple at most. But after all the monthly meetings, spending a couple summers together, I've gotten a lot closer with the girls in Eureka and I really enjoy the experiences I've had with them. 

All right. And how has Eureka made you strong, smart and bold? 

All the activities that we were able to do over the summer and through our monthly meetings was very, it taught me a lot, made me smart, definitely with some of the math classes that we had and uh, over the summer. And I also grew more confident cause I had to spend time around with people I didn't know and grow. Kay. 

Thank you, Anna.Thank you Hannah for telling us about your stories and your experiences. Next we have Daniel with some more questions. What have you learned from Girls Inc? 

I have learned a lot. I've learned a lot in the monthly classes like Hannah said from the math classes and just the general stuff that we did over the summer and in the months. A lot of good stuff. 

Uh, next question is, uh, what is your favorite experience from Girls Inc? 

I don't think I can really choose one in particular because there's so many experiences that I've seen and had throughout the summer and the meetings are great. All of them. That's really good. 

Thank you for sharing. Next we have Tiana.Would you recommend other girls to girls inc? 

I would definitely recommend other girls to Girls Inc cause it's like, like, like we've all been saying, it's such a great opportunity to be there and it really does prepare you for your feature and it really gets you ready and the fact that you get to create so much new relationships with so many different people, it's amazing. 

Yeah. What were you feeling when you got into Girls Inc? 

When I got into Girls Inc I was nervous and excited because it was something new, but I was really nervous because of all the girls that were there and I didn't really know what to expect. But as soon as then I started getting comfortable and I was ready and it was just like, okay, now I know what to do.So yeah. 

Nice. Okay. Thank you Tiana. Now we have Jessica. Now Jessica, what are some skills that Girls Inc has taught you? 

Some skills that Girls Inc has taught me is over the summer we had some engineering classes, so some engineering skills and math skills and it has taught me a lot and it has helped me during school. 

Okay, that's, that's great. Um, do you feel like you're connected to the girls with Girls Inc? 

Yeah, totally. I feel like I'm so connected because we have been through field trips and experiences that nobody can really like relate to or describe it. And it's really fun being with all these girls all the time. 

Okay. Thank you.And I just want to give one more thanks to all of our girls inc members that are here right now. And thank you for the listening to TTT. 

"Well when my friend was feeling sad, I went over to her and I was like, all right, we need to figure out what's making us sad in ways that they can not make us sad. So we came up with a plan. I mean I figured out what was like the problem. Once we figured out the problem, we found ways to avoid the problem and then all of a sudden it was like a better situation." 

Welcome to podcast was Girls Inc. So today you'll be hearing from your host Dee, IsiahLayla, Nadal and Moran and Brooke.  Today they will be discussing what makes you strong, smart and bold. 

Hi, I'm Moran, today I'm going to be asking you a few questions for Dee today. The first question is going to be a part of the Girls Inc community?

Girls Inc is a place where I can be free and I can't, I don't have to worry about like, people are judging me for who I am. I can just be like as loud and as crazy as I want with no one judging me. And everyone's really accepting and caring. 

Okay. Question number two, how can you help others find their boldness? 

I can bring out their inner beauty and I can help them find more confidence in themselves by like complimenting them and tying them like they did get on a paper and giving them my good praise. 

Okay. And where do you get your boldness? 

Um, I kind of just get it from like others I guess. Like when I see someone else happy it's like, Oh, let me just be happy. 

This is my last question. Name a time when you help someone find their strength? 

Well when my friend was feeling sad, I went over to her and I was like, all right, we need to figure out what's making us sad in ways that they can not make us sad. So we came up with a plan. I mean I figured out what was like the problem. Once we figured out the problem, we found ways to avoid the problem and then all of a sudden it was like a better situation. Even then she was still kind of upset but it was a better situation for both of us cause I felt better for helping a friend and she felt better because she wasn't sad anymore. Period. 

Anyway, so now I pass him the mic off to IsiahLayla and the Nadal. 

Hello, my name is Nadal. I'm IsiahLayla and I'm going to answering some questions. 

Yes. Today we're going to be answering some questions about what it means to be strong, smart and bold. Our first question is what does it mean to you to be bold? 

It means to not care what anybody thinks just to do you and have your own opinion and stick by that. 

Good answer. What does Girls Inc mean to you? 

Girls Inc to me means a group of girls who always have your back, who's down for you and open space where you can be who you want to be. 

In what ways do you show your smartness? 

Um, where did I show my smartness would be like getting good grades and not even just like on the grade side. Just having like the ability to work through different situations like whatever situation I'm in and being able to work myself through it. 

That's great. Where do you get your smartness from? 

I think I get my smartness from my parents and like my family, but I also think like it comes from like your own work and how willing you are to apply yourself. 

I agree and name of time where you help someone find their strength? 

Well, I feel like there's not really just like one time where you hope people find their strength. I feel like if you work with people and like you do group work and things like that, or you're with a group of people, like you always that you help each other find your strengths. 

So like with girls inc, do you always have time to like find your strength? 

So I feel like everybody kind of helps each other. So there's really not one time to pinpoint where I've helped somebody find their strength and this is us from girls inc and we'll be seeing ya. Bye. 


What does it mean to be brave? Sometimes brave means scared or anxious, but trying it anyway. GIRLBRAVE is a celebration of girls who are taking up space in the world and claiming it. Thanks for listening. Join us next time on GIRLBRAVE podcast.

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