Our Mission

GIRLBRAVE is a movement for tweens and teens. What makes today's girls BRAVE? Lots! Our mission is to show girls they are brave even when they might feel unsure or nervous inside. 


Girls strike their fiercest, bravest poses in our photo booth. The each get access to download the photos and share with friends.
Check out the photo from our Lincoln. 2019 event below.


The group is given directions to create a sculpture with all the girls working together. One by one, the girls take turns adding themselves into a sculpture, filling each other's negative space. They act out the words "Lonely", "Girl Party" and "Brave".


A diverse group of teens shares stories and advice on how they overcame struggles and have become stronger and braver as a result.


Upcoming GIRLBRAVE Dates

March 2021 - Omaha, NE 

June 2021 - Kearney, NE 

August 2021 - Kansas City, MO 

October 2021 - Des Moines, IA 

December 2021 - Lincoln, NE

We're looking for volunteers to help plan future GIRLBRAVE events. If you are able to help financially, click here to donate, all contributions help.

Get the Swag

GIRLBRAVE Unisex Hoodie-Pincurl Girls - Sending Love & Encouragement


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GIRLBRAVE Stickers-Pincurl Girls - Sending Love & Encouragement


GIRLBRAVE Unisex Hoodie-Pincurl Girls - Sending Love & Encouragement



We travel the world to talk with inspiring girls who are doing brave and empowering things. The girls will tell their stories on overcoming adversity and being stronger because of it.