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Our daily encouraging text messages will help you feel good, like a cheerleader in your pocket. 


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We are here for you.

We're here to help you and your daughter get through both the good days and bad days, like Sunday nights when anxiety sets in about Monday.

We're here when you need an encouraging text message that magically arrives in the middle of a stressful day that says “you are doing great!” 

We're here to help you feel more confident about yourself and encourage you to step past self-doubt and take steps toward more self confidence!

It's fun getting this surprise! 

Our encouraging texts are sent at different times a day because not knowing when they will come is FUN. Get a jolt of happiness because we are sending smiles your way, every day.

"It reminds me that someone out there actually cares, and even if I’m having an awful day they make me smile."

"They're so inspirational!! I look forward to them so much, and they always seem to come at a time that I need them!"

"I like that they come at different times. It's like a little surprise reminder like hey I'm totally worth rooting for."

Today's teen girl is living in a digital age where it's easy to start comparing herself to the “perfect” photos she sees on online and feel bad about herself. 

Teen anxiety has skyrocketed because of the pressure to fit in BOTH in real life AND on social media. When girls have low self-esteem they are less likely to speak up or try new things for fear of failing. As a parent, I have felt helpless, and wanted to find a way to help my daughters feel confident and not be paralyzed by self-doubt, that is why I started this daily texting service.