Young Artist Unite!

If you have you ever wanted your own gang of young female artists to talk to, learn from and share your work, you have found your tribe!

Hey, hey, hey, I am Jen!

I have been an artist my whole life. My mom told me she even meditated for an artist when I was in her tummy!

I love art and believe art is a practice where you can have fun, be creative and work out any problems you are going through in your life.

I invite you to join me in a 4 week course where you will create, make messes and meet some friends. BONUS: You will gain confidence you can use on the easel and off. Are you ready for your very own artist girl gang? 

My Promise

What problem am I solving for them?Building confidence, Be okay with making mistakes, Putting themselves out there, Rejection - “creating is scary”, Skills trickle into talking with friends, social situations, courage to step out and try new things. Okay with your talent when trying new things - “what can I learn from this”. Video camera test - describe intangibles in a concrete from if I were to film it on camera what would I see/hear?

Our tribe is looking for:

Visual artists
Ages 11-15

What is the transformation I am offering them?

Opposite of problem solving above?
Greater connection with your daughter, more convos and less shutouts
See your daughter happy and thriving
Encourage her to use art to work through lifes ups and downs
She’s excited, creating more than she ever has, less time on her phone scrolling through social media
She will gain art or projects shes proud of and can look back on which will prove that she can be an artist
Have that one on one time with herself that she gets to connect with her higher power

The Process

Creating weekly assignments
Hopping on a zoom call to look at assignments as a group, share art without fear of rejections, creating a safe container, community of artists to keep in touch with during the week
Slack Channel
4 week experien

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