Girl Artists Unite!

If you have you ever wanted to have a group of artists friends to talk to, learn from and share your work, we will introduce you to your art gang!

Let's delve into art and make a masterpiece!

No one needs to be an expert to enjoy art. All girls have a creative genius inside of them, and art is the key to unlocking it.

Once let out, connections are built, and confidence is instilled, enabling girls to have a newfound enthusiasm to tackle any problem that comes in their way.

In times like these, every girl deserves an opportunity to feed her creativity. Jen Landis, founder of Pincurl Girls, offers an interactive art camp, where girls can make new friends, share their imagination, have the confidence to open up about their problems and do this from the comfort of their home.

About the Art Camp

We keep our groups small with similar age ranges. We offer a variety of age groups such as, 8-11 year olds and 11-14 year olds and adult classes.

What can you expect

Each class is tied in with an underlying theme related to confidence, overcoming something or general feelings on making art. We make each theme universal, so your daughter can use the piece as a reference point to bring into other areas of her life.

What is the transformation I am offering them?

Opposite of problem solving above?
Greater connection with your daughter, more convos and less shutouts
See your daughter happy and thriving
Encourage her to use art to work through lifes ups and downs
She’s excited, creating more than she ever has, less time on her phone scrolling through social media
She will gain art or projects shes proud of and can look back on which will prove that she can be an artist
Have that one on one time with herself that she gets to connect with her higher power

The Process

Creating weekly assignments
Hopping on a zoom call to look at assignments as a group, share art without fear of rejections, creating a safe container, community of artists to keep in touch with during the week
Slack Channel
4 week experien