BFFtexts 1 Month Booster Pack

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BFFtexts deliver daily doses of encouragement to the special teenaged girl in your life. They help her build a positive self-image, strengthen her identity, and assures her that she always loved and never alone. Most importantly, every text will remind her of how much she means to you and put a smile on her face. And on yours, too.

How it works:

1. Pick the duration of days you want to send her texts, 10 day and 30 day booster packs are available.

2. Fill in her name and her cell phone number and the date you want to start.

3. On the first day she will receive this text:

    Text 1: Hi {First name}, you will be getting 30 days of encouraging texts from the Pincurl Girls, a gift from your dad!

    Text 2: Texts will come at different times of day to surprise you! Meet the PCGs here:

    Why Bfftexts?

    • The text messages pull them out of Instagram and SnapChat to reflect on the positive message they are reading.
    • The texts help train the brain to think more positively about themselves. Yeah, neuroplasticity!!!

    • Getting a BFFtexts are known to make them smile!

    Q and A

    Are the texts personalized? 
    Yes, each text will include your daughter's first name

    What time are the texts sent? 
    The texts are sent at random times of the day. It's fun getting a little smile-inducing surprise, right?

    What are some examples of texts? 
    Here are a couple examples:

    {Your daughter's first name}, there is something inside of you that’s stronger than any obstacle! Believe that! Good Night...luv PCG

    {Your daughter's first name}, one day you will look back & see that you have been blooming all along. luv, PCG

    Teen Testimonials

    "It reminds me that my dad there actually cares, and even if I’m having an awful day they make me smile."

    "They're so inspirational!! I look forward to them so much, and they always seem to come at a time that I need them!" 

    "I like that they come at different times. It's like a little surprise reminder like hey I'm totally worth rooting for."