The Ultimate Empowerment

Text For Girls! many dreams, inventions, books, art and movies would be made if all girls were told every day they were powerful. 

We text those messages! 

"I needed to hear that today, thanks" -Amy

A text of empowerment.

Daily texts that reminds teen girls they can do anything they set their mind to.

Loving Daily Text Messages - NEW!-Pincurl Girls - Sending Love & Encouragement

The more encouragement a girl gets the more likely she will take a chance, put herself out there and speak up. 

Sign a girl up for monthly bundles of positive DAILY text messages to encourage and empower her.

These text messages are personalized with her first name and will remind her to see her inner genius and strength, day in and day out! We need more powerful girls sharing their talents and ideas with the world!

Sign up a girl today and she will get her first text tomorrow!

"I signed up my daughter, but I love them just as much."
-Julie 45

Sign up below:

$2.99 a month

*Your privacy is important to us. No info is sold or shared.

You might not fully grasp how truly amazing you really are. The way you make people smile. The way you light up the room. The way you lift others up. You are a top-notch superstar in our book. 


Texts Are
Perfect For:

Girls of All Ages

Your BFF

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Sports Teams Encouragement

Dance Teams Inspiration

Gift for Co-Workers 


A Special Gift for Your Inner Child

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