Does you daughter see her self-worth & potential like you do?

Reminder her how powerful she is by sending her daily personalized texts, full of positivity and motivational messages. She will begin to recognize her strength and gain more confidence in herself.

Does your daughter see her genius & potential like you do?

Our daily motivational texts will remind her how powerful she is. With each text, she will be encouraged to recognize her power while gaining more confidence in herself.

A Text A Day - New-Pincurl Girls - Sending Love & Encouragement

Our texts:

  • Inspire her to take chances
  • Boost her confidence
  • Give her the courage to make mistakes
  • Remind her of her resilience


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Our positive SMS helps bring out every girl's inner genius and gives them the confidence to change the world.

Transform your daughter's day, register, and get SMS starting from tomorrow.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with our messages, let us know and we give you a 100% refund.

Your privacy is our priority; we don't share or sell your data. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with our SMS's, inform us, and we will refund you.

Her brain needs frequent motivation

Your daughter's young adolescent brain is constantly growing, making new neural networks until her mid-twenties. Our daily texts foster self-confidence and encourage her to believe in herself.

Adolescent's brains can be molded based on new information, ideas, and connections. Our daily texts will jolt her with a new positive message about herself each day.

Her self-esteem will grow through reading and absorbing our daily texts, stimulating her brain and fortify her neural pathways, to improve her confidence.

Here are a few examples of the texts she will get...

{First Name}, you have limitless potential waiting for you. Scoop it up and use it! Have a good night.

{First Name}, you can be as great as you want to be. Think it, believe it, become it.

We are hollering from the roof tops {First Name}...
You Got This!!

{First Name}, the sky is the limit when you believe in yourself! You can accomplish grand things when you realized how much of a miracle you are!

{First Name}, you are more powerful than any curveballs the world throws at ya! Gear up and rock it! 

You spend most of your time in your head, make sure you're saying nice things in there about yourself, {First Name}!

What parents and teens are saying:

Ask for the texts! 

We've made it easy to for your parent or guardian to sign you up to get daily encouraging texts. Just have your parent take a photo of this QR code and they will be taken to this sign up page.

Every teenage girl should feel confident about herself. Yet, with technology rising and more access to social media, it can be easy for a girl's positive perception of themself to be filled with self-doubt. 

That couldn't be more true for our founder Jen, a mother of two. As a mother, there had been times when her inner teenage voice needed re-assuring at times with words of encouragement. Her solution to reassurance was that she sent texts to herself, which made her feel uplifted almost immediately.

From this small token of self-love, Jen wanted to go beyond making herself feel special and let teenage girls, just like her daughter, know how precious they really were. Today Pincurl Girls exists as a personalized SMS service with daily reminders designed to positively shape your daughter and encourage her to take ownership of her day.

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