A Summer Art Experience that Fosters Creativity & Confidence!

A Summer Art Experience that Fosters Creativity & Confidence!

A Summer Art Experience that Fosters Creativity & Confidence!

 A virtual art camp for artists 8-14 years old.

 Virtual Summer Art Camp for Female Artists 8-14 Years Old.

Is your daughter:

  • Reluctant to open up and share her artistic talent?
  • Judgemental or embarressed about her art?
  • Scared to share her art with people who aren’t her friends?
  • Uncomfortable interacting in a group setting?
  • Afraid to talk about her art?
  • Feeling isolated because her friends and family members are in sports and she isn't?

Your daughter has limitless creative genius inside of her. The Art Gang will unleash it! 

  Monitored social app to share work and chat with new friends. 

Plan for the most amazing summer art experience, EVER!

The Art Gang Summer Series happens ALL summer long with:

  • 13 LIVE Sessions guiding your artist through a new art project (one a week)**
  • 26 Self-Guided Art Challenges
  • Social app for her share her work & chat with the Art Gang 

  • Monthly Zoom Game Nights 
  • Daily Encouraging Texts
  • And many more surprises!!

** All sessions will be recorded if she can't make the LIVE class or if she wants to watch again.


Monitored social app to share work and chat with friends.

What Does Confidence Have to do with Art?


Don't let your artistic daughter's self doubt and the tendency to negatively to judge herself become her most dominant thought! 

If she doesn't learn to be ok with making mistakes as she draws or paints she might give up art, or equally bad, be afraid to put herself out there all together in fear of not being "good enough".  

It's natural for young girls to get frustrated with themselves but left unaddressed she will end up building a habit of judging her self negatively in all parts of her life. And as a parent you want your children unafraid of trying new things and having courage to go after what they want!

As a part of the Art Gang community, she will learn to speak positively about herself and express herself through art for years and years to come!

Transformations Will Be Made!

Every girl deserves an opportunity to feed her confidence & creativity. 

  • She will be proud of herself and what she's able to do
  • She will take more risks and branch out 
  • She will learn how to be okay with mistakes

The Art Gang Summer Session will build her confidence.
A fun way to hang out with other young artists and be creative! She will feel more comfortable sharing her work with others and realize art doesn't have to be perfect. 

Mistakes are what art (and life) are all about!
After each lesson, your daughter will feel more comfortable sharing with others, making mistakes and discovering the resilience she holds inside of her. 

Invest in her confidence. Sign your daughter up to the GIRLBRAVE Art Gang Summer Session!

Register your Daughter for this Confidence Building Summer Art Experience.


Need a  payment plan?
I gotcha covered, just email me.


Hurry! First class starts June 1st!

No Risk Guarantee

If you don't feel like this is a fit after the first class, you can get 100% of your money back.

A Safe Place to Grow

"My daughter had a great time getting to know the other girls, and realizing that they were all in the same boat. Sharing something as personal as your art can feel threatening, but Jen treats the girls like they are her equals. She’s encouraging and gives the girls a sense of security." 

— Melissa Michaud, mother of Art Gang #1 artist

What Artists are Saying About the
Art Gang Experience:

 Della - 8 years old 

I learned that making mistakes is what makes art beautiful....I also loved every single second of the art classes!

 Sienna - 12 years old 

I learned that noting has to be perfect or really realistic to be beautiful art.

 Piper - 13 years old 

I realized that you don't really have to compare everything to everyone else. You only have to live up to your own expectations.

 Delia - 13 years old 

 I like this Art Gang because it was totally different from things that I have done before, and it was kind of eye opening. I liked making lines that were more bold and confident. There wasn't any erasing and it was more like art inspired by imperfection.

 Elizabeth - 12 years old 

I have gained a lot of confidence. And I am also a lot better at speaking in front of people now.

 Verity - 11 years old 

 In the beginning, I really didn't want to share the artwork but after the first one, it was easier. It was also easier to make it because I was no longer worrying about sharing it that wasn't the goal.

A Summer Art Experience for Girls 8-14.

About the artist and your hype gal, Jen Landis 

Jen Landis is the founder of Pincurl Girls, life long artist and Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

She loves creating unique art experiences, where girls use their imaginations, build the confidence to share and appreciate their art and make new friends.

 Join the Summer Session Art Gang 


Need a  payment plan?
I gotcha covered, just email me.

Hurry, First Class Starts June 1st!

No Worry Guarantee

If you don't feel like this is a fit after the first class, you will get 100% refund.

Art Club is so much fun for my daughter!

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, and when I saw that Jen was offering an online art class, I thought it would be worth a try! My daughter is pretty shy and doesn’t like sharing her artwork, but she absolutely LOVES this class and feels comfortable enough to share. I'm truly glad she got a spot in the class. Definitely worth while. If you have a child who loves art, this is a wonderful option! Highly recommended.

-Melissa M.

The Art Club is up her alley!

Not only does she get to try new techniques with art but she is learning to be confident in her own art and that making mistakes is okay! She’s also gaining amazing social-emotional skills as she problem solves and is starting to come out of her shell more and more as the classes go on!

-Kelsy M.

Thanks so much for doing this class.
I've been overhearing the class while the girls are on it and you are such an amazing teacher. Really insightful and asking/challenging the kids with real questions, but doing it with such a positive and supportive feel. You treat them with the respect they deserve as being intelligent people with things to say and things to express. Anyway, thanks for what you're doing.

-Dawn T.

Super fun!

My daughter is loving being creative, meeting new people and learning so much...all at the same time! Thank you for inspiring kids to be brave and follow their hearts! ♥️🌈♥️

-Lisa H.

Mistakes are beautiful.

She has really taken to the whole "mistakes are beautiful" idea, especially when it comes to art, but I think also as a mantra for life in general as well. It's also a fun space where she doesn't feel like she has to earn a specific grade, unlike art class at school.

-Lorraine S.

This whole idea is so great!

She seems to be up to taking a little more risk and branching out to people that she may not have before.

-Charlene S.

Oh, by the way....did you catch this bonus?!

Your daughter will also get a daily reminder of how powerful she is. 
As an added bonus, Jen will cheer her on by sending her a daily encouraging text (includes her first name) filled with love, positivity & motivation!

Unsure if your tween daughter will like it?

I get it! My daughter is 12 and I know girls who are 12, 13, and 14 years old don't feel comfortable trying new things. Don't let your daughter talk you out of joining this positive and fun growth opportunity!  

Read how Taylor and Eleanor's perspective changed after having reluctance to join the art camp.

 Taylor - 13 years old 

I hated sharing in front of a bunch of people and these art classes really helped me feel more comfortable doing that.

 Eleanor - 12 years old 

 I was not very good at sharing my artwork, so I think that this art class helped me to be better at sharing my artwork with other people.

I got you covered!

Get 100% refund if your daughter doesn't like it after the first class.

"I Am" Art Project

In this class the artists drew a self-portrait and wrote inspiring words that described themselves. Talk bubbles were inspired by the contemporary artist,  Martha Rich.

 Join the Summer Session Art Gang 


Need a  payment plan?
I gotcha covered, just email me.

No Risk Guarantee

If you don't feel like this is a fit after the first class, you can get 100% of your money back.

Hurry, First Class Starts June 1st!


Summer Schedule LIVE Classes

*Class times are in Central Standard Time


Tues. 25th Kick off 7:00-7:30pm


Tues. 1st Live Art Class 10-11am

Sun. 6th Game Night 7-8pm

Thur. 10th Live Art Class 2-3pm

Thur. 17th Live Art Class 3-4pm

Mon. 21st Live Art Class 10-11am

Tues. 29th Live Art Class 11am-12pm


Thurs. 8th Live Art Class 10-11am

Mon. 12th Live Art Class 2-3pm

Sun. 18th Game Night 7-8pm

Tues. 20th Live Art Class 1-2pm

Fri. 30th Live Art Class 11am-12pm


Tues. 3rd Live Art Class 9:30-10:30am

Sun. 8th Game Night 7-8pm

Mon. 9th Live Art Class 10-11am

Thurs. 12th Wrap Up Party

Once registered you will be invited to the Band App Art Gang group that has a calendar with all the dates you can rsvp and they will be added to your phone.

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