Art classes that fosters creativity & confidence!

 Art classes that foster creativity & confidence! 

 Virtual Art Camps for Young Artists 

If you ever wondered why your artistic daughter isn't drawing very much, it's probably not because she doesn't know what to draw... most likely it's because she is afraid her drawing isn't going to be good enough. 

Help your daughter unlock her confidence in herself and her art. Join our virtual art classes. 

  • 4 confidence building art projects 
  • Positive coaching and encouragement
  • Instructions from start to finish
  • Free coloring pages

  • One art piece will be put on a mug available for purchase
  • Private facebook group for parents

Spots fill quickly. Register Now 

No Risk Guarantee

If you don't feel like this is a fit after the first class, you can get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

 Try a Sample Class! 

Follow along with this fun art project! Set up an art station at the kitchen table with an iPad, watercolor or craft paints, a sharpie and a piece of mixed media paper. And let's paint a fish!

 Show & Share 

I'd love to see how it turned out! Share your child's fish on our Facebook group. 

Here's what artists are saying after joining the Art Gang:


I hated sharing in front of a bunch of people and these classes really helped me feel more comfortable doing that.


I didn't really have a problem with creating different kinds of artwork but I was not very good at sharing my artwork, so I think that this class helped me to be better at sharing my artwork with other people.


I realized that you don't really have to compare everything to everyone else. You only have to live up to your own expectations.


 I like this Art Gang because it was totally different from things that I have done before, and it was kind of eye opening. I liked making lines that were more bold and confident. There wasn't any erasing and it was more like art inspired by imperfection.


I have gained a lot of confidence. And I am also a lot better at speaking in front of people now.


 In the beginning, I really didn't want to share the artwork but after the first one, it was easier. It was also easier to make it because I was no longer worrying about sharing it that wasn't the goal.

 Drawing Out Your Artist's Inner Confidence

All girls have a creative genius inside of them, and art is the key to unlocking it.

In the act of creating, connections are built, and confidence is instilled, enabling girls to have a newfound enthusiasm to tackle any problem that comes in her way.

We'll give your daughter the opportunity to develop her creativity & confidence.

"My daughter had a great time getting to know the other girls, and realizing that they were all in the same boat. 

Sharing something as personal as your art can feel threatening, but Jen treats the girls like they are her equals. She’s encouraging and gives the girls a sense of security."

 What you can expect 

Each class is tied in with an underlying theme related to confidence, overcoming something, or general feelings on making art. We make each theme universal, so your daughter can use the piece as a reference point to bring into other areas of her life.

At the start of each zoom session, a warm-up art exercise or discussion will get the girls going. Following this, they will be shown the day's project and provide easy to follow instructions and examples for inspiration.

While the girls are creating, they will be able to share a story concerning the topic. This simple engagement technique will help them open up and infuse them with confidence to speak about their feelings.

After every lesson, your daughter will feel more comfortable making mistakes and relearn the resilience she holds inside of her. 

Contribute to her confidence and sign your daughter up for the GIRLBRAVE Art Gang!

 About Jen 

Jen Landis is the founder of Pincurl Girls, life long artist and Art Educator at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She offers virtual and in person art camps, where girls can make new friends, use their imagination, have the confidence to share and celebrate their art.

She keeps the groups small with similar age ranges, (8 -13 years old) so the girls feel comfortable sharing and have the chance to make new friends.

GirlBrave Art Club is so much fun for my daughter!

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, and when I saw that Jen was offering an online art class, I thought it would be worth a try! My daughter is pretty shy and doesn’t like sharing her artwork, but she absolutely LOVES this class and feels comfortable enough to share. I'm truly glad she got a spot in the class. Definitely worth while. If you have a child who loves art, this is a wonderful option! Highly recommended.

Super fun!

My daughter is loving being creative, meeting new people and learning so much...all at the same time! Thank you for inspiring kids to be brave and follow their hearts! ♥️🌈♥️

Thanks so much for doing this class.
I've been overhearing the class while the girls are on it and you are such an amazing teacher. Really insightful and asking/challenging the kids with real questions, but doing it with such a positive and supportive feel. You treat them with the respect they deserve as being intelligent people with things to say and things to express. Anyway, thanks for what you're doing.

-Mr. & Mrs. Thompson

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