Empowering Calendar for
Hispanic Girls

Empowering Calendar for Latina Girls

Offers Bilingual Cultural Representation

Representation is so important for Latina girls! Our 2022 calendar gives Hispanic girls the opportunity to see themselves, celebrated for being uniquely them! Written in both Spanish and English.

Motivates & Inspires

This calendar will boost her confidence and lift her spirit. It includes inspirational messages created for Hispanic teens, girls, and women.

Includes Birthdays
of Renowned
Hispanic Women

Celebrate the legacy and work of accomplished Hispanic women. Our calendar features important black women icons and their birthdays.

Empowerment Through History

Calendar includes Hispanic holidays and important, heritage-defining events in history.

Promotes a Strong
Self Image

Messages of encouragement will help keep young girls stay inspired and generate positive self-image of herself all year long. 

365 days a year!