Jen, I got the best present for my 40th!

Thanks so much…it was such a surprise and so wonderful to get my own Pincurl Girl! It makes me happy every time I look at it and really special that you made it! My friend Elena, found you through me liking your page on facebook (I think commenting on posting one of the ones we did for my niece).
So Great!
-Melissa, Chicago, IL

You’re such a gift!

Thank you for sharing your art. It really brightened my day to meet the Pincurl Girls.
-Jocelyn Arlington, VA

I LOVE Jen’s work!

Such positive, timely, beautiful messages for all ages. My nieces loved their bracelets and prints and I felt so good giving gifts that send positive messages over and over again. Win-Win. Thank you, Jen, for sharing your talent and your gift. Good luck 29gifters!
-Mary, Houston, TX


the ‘pregnant girl in pajamas’ piece – you are absolutely priceless and I am so delighted our paths crossed. I’ve watched your dream grow and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

And, lastly, just wanted you to know that the smiles you put on my face are important….since Michael died in March, it’s been a tough slog for me. Having opportunities to smile and laugh and see the magic you put in other people’s lives is such a beautiful thing to see.
-Bonnie, Dallas, TX

My daughter is 13…

she wears them on her left hand with her medical ID bracelet. She has been diabetic for over a year, and it ‘s been a somewhat hard adjustment. YOUR bracelets have helped her come to grips with being a new diabetic….she never would wear her medical ID bracelet until now. She uses them as a message for her friends of staying positive thru the hard days.
-Rachel, St. Louis, MO

Just wanted to say Thank You.

I purchased the bracelets for my girls….my 12-year-old daughter said, 2 days after wearing them and switching them…”Mom, thanks. I really do feel better. It’s nice to think happy thoughts….even if I need a bracelet to help remind me.”

I wanted to let you know that I think your company is wonderful.

I suffered from EXTREME low self-esteem in high school and now I have a daughter of my own and my prayers are that she never suffers from low self-esteem like I did. I just wanted to let you know that I love what you are doing and I want to buy her your bracelets because I want to teach her to be self-confident!

Thanks for such a wonderful idea for girls.

If you have good self-esteem

you’re just going to be a happier person.
-Girls Inc., Omaha, Ne

These bracelets could help girls have better self-esteem

Alexis said she could move 2 bracelets for believing that she is “good in school” and “has a nice smile.” She added, “These bracelets could help girls have better self-esteem. Girls are always comparing themselves to someone else instead of just being themselves. Low self-esteem makes girls have attitude all of the time. If you have good self-esteem you’re just going to be a happier person. You’ll smile. Say ’Hello!’”

Your work is inspiring someone here in South Africa.

Dear Jen,

I listened to Jamie’s podcast yesterday and had to go and look you and your bracelets up this morning and wow I’m very much in love with your images your art and your ideas! I’m definitely going to buy some!! Just wanted to let you know that your work is even inspiring someone here in South Africa. Have a wonderful day, and keep on doing what you are doing, it’s great.
-lots of love, ilana

Brother Annoyance:

I am extremely close with my sister but me and my brothers get in fights every day. I wanted them to stop but I always got carried away. Now when I have a fight with my brother I use my I believe in myself bracelets to help me remember how I love my brother so much. We haven’t had a fight in a while. This is an extraordinary way that I can have better relationships with my family! Thanks soooooooo much!

Your idea fits very well with today’s struggling teenagers.

-Las Vegas, NV

Hi Jen,

I found your website just by surfing and I think you have a fantastic intention to help people to be positive because it is very easy to fall into negative thinking. I think your idea fits very well with today’s struggling teenagers, I don’t have any children but maybe if I had your bracelets for guidance instead of my ego, I probably would have lived a different life. I am 32 now and live my life always striving to reach for a feel-good feeling with power of intention and allowing. Thank you Jen.

I wish I had something like this when I was growing up.

-New Lenox, IL

I love your Pincurl Girls!

I wish I had something like this when I was growing up. I plan on purchasing a pack of bracelets for myself to help me on my down days. As a mother of two (preteen and teen) and a wife some days can become challenging. Thanks for creating Pincurl Girls. Thank you again!

We try to implement gratitude and law of attraction into our lives.

Your Pincurl Girls help us with that every day.
-Springfield, MO

I ordered the bracelets for my 2 daughters

…they came yesterday and the girls loved it. We try to implement gratitude and law of attraction into our lives every day and this was an extra tool to help “remind” them all day of where their thoughts and energy are throughout the day. We love your product! I’ve passed along your website information to all my mom friends and girl scout troop moms also. Thank you again!

Pincurl Girl bracelets will make excellent bday gifts.

-O’Neill, NE

I LOVE it!

I received my package of Pincurl Girls bracelets ++++++ Thank you! I plan to hang the picture of Lucy up in my classroom (I teach Middle School English) and I can’t wait to send the bracelets to a few friends. I am already wearing mine now. Very cool! My daughter is 10, so I believe Pincurl Girl bracelets will make excellent bday gifts for her friends. Thank you for spreading the message of happiness and love.
Thanks for making my day,

The amount of negative self-talk is astounding to me!

Pincurl Girls remind young ladies and (older ladies) to train their brains to think positive thoughts. Get the I Believe in Myself bracelets…genius idea!
-Mary, Louisville, KY

I LOVE the idea, personally!

I am a Wellness Coordinator and work have worked in the fitness field for 20 years. The amount of negative self-talk is astounding to me! I know the behaviors we have as adults are formulated in our early years. As the mother of two teenage daughters, self-image and self-worth are SOOO important, especially in these years! I love your concept of the bracelets for ALL women!! Thank you!

I am a single mom with MS and choose to see my diagnosis as a blessing.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the Pincurl Girls. As a 34-year-old, I am still a little girl inside. The sayings on your prints parallel how I choose to live my life. I am a single mom with MS and choose to see my diagnosis as a blessing. I am in charge of this journey and the universe is out for my ultimate good. I can’t wait to order a few of your prints and the bracelets.
Keep up the great work. Sending Smiles, Jen

I had an opportunity to experience the Pincurl Girls first hand

and after that, I realized how much negativity girls and women have towards themselves. This, in turn, converts into negativity to everyone else around us.

As they say, you need to love yourself first, and only then will you be able to love others. It’s just like the oxygen mask on an airplane: you need your air first before you can help others with theirs.

I used to think that anyone, who has a positive opinion about themselves, is lying to themselves. Realizing how insanely wrong that is changed me and that one brainstorming session with Jen facilitated this discovery.

I am excited to see how it may, in return, impact my life. Love the Pincurl Girls and the message behind them. I hope young women don’t wait until the ripe age of 31 to learn these lessons.

Thanks Jen!
Kelly, Lincoln, NE

Love it! I know it has touched my daughters.

Thank you again.. Great product and message… Keep up the good work XO

Since Pincurl Girls started I have been feeling a lot more confident in myself.

-Julie, Lincoln, NE

It’s been a great past few months.

Since Pincurl Girls started I have been feeling a lot more confident in myself. Now I can see that I have been improving my skills on being kind not only to me but to others too. Thank you soooo much for the great opportunity and I hope all the other people who are doing this feel the same way as I do. I hope this catches the heart of many mother’s and daughter’s like it did to me and my mother! Anyway thanks a bunch!

We wear our bracelets and think positive thoughts (or at least try to) every day.

-Joan, Lincoln, NE

You are brilliant and your Pincurl Girl bracelets are brilliant

and I want to thank you for letting Liesl and me participate in the first pilot study. This project made a huge impact on me and Liesl. We still wear our bracelets and think positive thoughts (or at least try to) every day. And my teenage son still loves to catch moments when he can prompt us to “move a bracelet” which I think is even better.

This is such a wonderful idea you had!

-Broken Bow, NE

Thank you so much for all that you have done.

God bless me with two wonderful children and they are both girls! I’m really excited to start the bracelets with them. I got the clear for me & colored for them are we are all going to do it together! This is such a wonderful idea you had! Thanks again for all that you’ve done! Thank You. Thank You.

I just had to tell you this is a great idea.

I have three daughters 29, 27 and 14. My oldest had issues with self-esteem growing up, I think they still do, I wish something like this existed way back then. Now my 14 yr old daughter is doubting her worth as not only a girl but in general. Her dad and I are divorced, I had a bad relationship with a man that hurt both of us emotionally due to his alcoholism. Well, now both of our self-esteem is very low. We need just this kind of help. I also was a Special ed Teacher Aide and I had not only those girls but all the girls talking to me and vice versa trying to teach the self-esteem, make good decisions, and believe in themselves. Obviously, I needed it too but helping them helped me, does that make sense? Wow, we are great females and I am becoming very proud of that. Thanks for this great web site… its so needed for girls today of any age. BRAVO!
-Amy, White Plains, NY

We both attribute our success to paying attention to the positive and using the bracelets.

Emma and I went on a day-long shopping trip the first day we started using the bracelets. we had a totally stress-free shopping experience (a first for this mom and teenage daughter). plus, WE HAD A BALL! We both attribute our success to paying attention to the positive and using the bracelets as a reminder!!! thank you!

I love these bracelets! The concept is just so simple yet brilliant!

They are great for girls and women of any age. I have a set and recently gave a set to two of my girlfriends (who love them as well.)

These days women are constantly under pressure to live up to certain standards – aesthetically, socially, professionally – you name it! And it’s scary to hear how girls, at younger and younger ages, are feeling pressured to do “grown up” things that they are probably not emotionally ready for.

These bracelets turn those confusing, hesitant, doubting, anxious moments we encounter every day – into a game! The sense of pride and satisfaction you feel just by moving a silly bracelet from one wrist to the other is awesome! They’re a constant reminder that it’s OK to give yourself a pat on the back, and we women don’t do this nearly enough. Awesome idea, beautiful product!

Brooke and I started our morning thinking positive together and we moved a bracelet over.

We are excited to see all of the positive thoughts and actions around our home and lives. I can’t wait to learn more! Thanks for caring for us to include us in your dreams! POSITIVITY!

I love wearing my bracelets and I am 35.

When the YWCA of Lincoln heard about the Pincurl Girl bracelets we saw a connection to our efforts for our nonprofit agency. Then upon meeting Jen Landis and seeing her passion for young women we knew it was a natural fit!

Our mission is eliminating racism and empowering women and our focus in our youth programming is building confidence, self-esteem, and ultimately helping young girls become leaders in their schools and communities.

This was a unique fundraising opportunity for us because it helped in our efforts to rebrand ourselves as an agency, as well as a portion of the proceeds from the Pincurl Girl bracelet sales, go to the YWCA Lincoln.

The feedback from donors, volunteers, and staff has been positive and we have been successful in selling them. We have had booths at events and Jen has also spoken to some of our groups of girls on the issue of confidence and positive thinking.

-President of the Board of Directors for the YWCA of Lincoln

The artwork of the Pincurl Girls are adorable but also edgy and modern.

We instantly fell in love Jen and her Pincurl Girls-Grace, Lucy, and Jasmijn. We look forward to a long relationship! It’s a creative and fun way to build confidence in young girls, but I also love wearing my bracelets and I am 35.