Jen Landis Pincurl Girls

Hi, I am Jen Landis. I created this company 10 years ago when I felt first-hand how hard it was to keep moving forward on my dreams when I was suffering from self-doubt. I felt alone in my thoughts and once I overcame those limiting beliefs I wanted to share my learnings and give support to other girls who felt the same way. Mental health is an important topic which is why our products all have encouraging messages on them cheering girls on.

Think of the Pincurl Girls like fairies, angels or imaginary helpers who are always there to make you feel less alone and encourage you to have the self-confidence and guts to fulfill any goals or dream!

Each Pincurl Girl has a special power to help you through any situation. Their main goal is to love and encourage girls of all ages by helping them feel less alone and encourage them to gain self-confidence in order to fulfill their goals and dreams.

I am a one-woman show and would love to partner with anyone who wants to combine forces to support and encourage girls.

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