GIRLBRAVE Podcast Season 3


~ Season 3 ~

Being brave can be as small as raising your hand in class or as big as speaking in front of the United Nations about climate change. In the GIRLBRAVE podcasts, you'll hear stories from a variety of girls and learn what they tell themselves to get over their self-doubts and fears to be brave. 

Let us know if you have a story to share on our GIRLBRAVE Podcast!

Ep 14: Presley is a 10 year old Cub Scout & Artist.

Today on the show I have Presley. She is 10 years old and love to hike with her Cub Scout troop, draw all the candies from Harry Potter and she makes and sells earrings! Let's chat with Presley and learn more about her! 

Ep 13: Teresa Melvin is a 13 year old NFT artist.

In this episode, Teresa Melvin shares her favorite ProCreate brushes, tools she uses to stay organized and what her definition of being BRAVE! She is speaking on international NFT conference stages, selling NFTs and doing her 8th grade homework! 

Ep 12: Miss Sara uses story telling to pave the future.

In this episode, learn how Miss Sara Mora uses storytelling and media in her activism to raise awareness for DACA recipients and the next generation of leaders.

Ep 11: Elsbeth loves space..and sci-fi..and STEM.

In this episode, learn what Elsbeth find most interesting about space and the benefits from being involved with STEM!! 

Ep 10: Cassidy shares tips on how to get moving so we feel mentally healthy.

In this episode, Cassidy shares great tips on how you can get started...even if you aren't motivated!! 

Ep 9: Lizzie talks about how she overcomes nervousness before a gig.

In this episode, Lizzie talks about writing music, how it feels to perform live and ways to feel more confident.

Ep 8: Zoe runs her first half marathon at 11 years old.

In this episode, learn how Zoe trained and how she felt after crossing the finish line.

Ep 7: Chloe talks about finding yourself by being authentic.

In this episode, learn how Chloe discovered herself and she gives her advice for how to find yourself.

Ep 6: Khloe talks playing basketball.

In this episode, learn what Khloe tells herself after hard losses in basketball. And how great it feels to score the winning point in her tournament. 

Ep 5: Sienna and Friends Talk
about 6th Grade Drama!

In this episode, we revisit with Sienna. She gives us an update on 6th grade, sports and how to stay out of the drama.

Ep 4: How to use pre-paving to have a perfect day, everyday.

In this episode, learn how to use your imagination to tell the Universe what great things you want to experience. 

Ep 3: How to have the best Monday, ever!

In this episode, you'll learn ways to switch your brain off the thoughts that make you feel anxious and think thoughts that are a lot more fun!

Ep 2: Learn about the Emotional Ladder and how you can climb it to feel better.

In this episode, learn about the Emotional Ladder. Knowing where you are on the ladder will allow you to move up the ladder in order to feel better.  Listen now.

Ep 1: Tricks for Feeling Better

In this episode, you'll learn ways to switch your brain off the thoughts that make you feel anxious and think thoughts that are a lot more fun!

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