GIRLBRAVE Podcast Season 2

Season 2 of the GIRLBRAVE Podcast

If you are an artist, creative and have goals you want to accomplish, this podcast is for you. Learn new ideas, tricks and motivations that will nudge you to take control over your dreams and make them come true. 

Ep 11: Tips to Overcome Anxiety, Especially at School

If you are up late on Sunday nights with a stomach ache or even have tears in your eyes because you are so nervous to go to school on Monday, this episode of the GIRLBRAVE podcast is for you! Learn tips and tricks my daughter and I use to get her through the school week.

Ep 10: How to Crush Embarrassment with Courage

If you are struggling with trying new things or putting ourselves out there, speaking up in class, courage is all about just doing little things, small things, and building up the courage. In this episode of the GIRLBRAVE Podcast, learn how use small amounts of courage to overcome situations where you might become embarrassed.

Ep 9: Stop This One Thought and
You Will Be Happier!

Your brain believes everything you tell it to think. In this episode of the GIRLBRAVE Podcast, I will share with you the one thought you need to STOP thinking to become happier.

Ep 8: Happiness Hack...
Thank You Very Much.

On this episode of the GIRLBRAVE podcast I will let you in on a fun trick on how to get happy fast! Warning....lots of thank yous coming your way!

Ep 7: Why you need to stop putting pressure on yourself and how to release it.

What if...what if you STOPPED worrying about when it's going to happen. When you will get this many followers....when the news will come about your scholarship, when your paintings will start selling on etsy. In this episode of the GIRLBRAVE Podcast, learn how your resistance might be hindering you from getting what you want. 

Ep 6: How To Cope When You're Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Feeling like you are pushed outside your comfort zone can be stressful and most of the time, it doesn't seem fun. In this episode, I talk about how to change your perspective on the situation to make it feel more doable.

Ep 5: How to Enjoy the Process

Not where you want to be yet? Annoyed that your work or tik toks haven't blown up yet? It's easy to get depressed and down on yourself but that is the worst thing you can do. Listen to find a better way and enjoy the process of your journey. You are just where you need to be.

Ep 4: How to Have a Magical Day

A lot of times we are reacting to the world, to the situations in real time, instantaneous, like right now, right? Pre paving is thinking about the future and planning out how you want it to go. Listen now for real world examples on how you can set up tomorrow to be a magical day! 


Ep 3: Procrastination Feels Yucky!

In this episode, learn how to start even before you are ready. I'll be sharing tricks and tips on how to get your project started and cross it off your list. Listen now.


Ep 2: Don't Judge Your
Art Work!

In this episode, I talk about the nasty habit of judging your creations. If you do this, most people do, then you are blocking the inspiration. Turn off your social media, turn off the mean voice in your head and just let the inspiration come to you. 


Ep 1: Taking Chances withYour Art in 2021


Consider me an older version of your young artist self. Have you been wanting to draw, paint, compose, write or do something creative but you haven't started? Well, if you are listening to this, it's time. Here is your pep talk to start! 


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