Season 2 of the GIRLBRAVE Podcast

Welcome to Season 2! In this season. If you are an artist, creator or have a goal you want to accomplish, this podcast is for you. I am going to be sharing my ideas, tricks, fears and motivations with that have worked for me and I know they will work for you too. 

Weekly challenges: Each week, I will challenge you to an art project or a self-improvement task. Follow along and post your challenges using the #girlbrave on our Instagram page: @pincurlgirls

Ep 5: How Enjoy the Process of Creation

Not where you want to be yet? Annoyed that your work or tik toks haven't blown up yet? It's easy to get depressed and down on yourself but that is the worst thing you can do. Listen to find a better way and enjoy the process of your journey. You are just where you need to be.

Ep 4: How to Have a Magical Day

A lot of times we are reacting to the world, to the situations in real time, instantaneous, like right now, right? Pre paving is thinking about the future and planning out how you want it to go. Listen now for real world examples on how you can set up tomorrow to be a magical day! 

Ep 3: Procrastination Feels Yucky!

In this episode, learn how to start even before you are ready. I'll be sharing tricks and tips on how to get your project started and cross it off your list. Listen now.

Ep 2: Don't Judge Your
Art Work!

In this episode, I talk about the nasty habit of judging your creations. If you do this, most people do, then you are blocking the inspiration. Turn off your social media, turn off the mean voice in your head and just let the inspiration come to you. 

Ep 1: Taking Chances withYour Art in 2021

Consider me an older version of your young artist self. Have you been wanting to draw, paint, compose, write or do something creative but you haven't started? Well, if you are listening to this, it's time. Here is your pep talk to start! 

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