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Pincurl Girls

Black Girl Empowerment Calendar 2024

Black Girl Empowerment Calendar 2024

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Our Pincurl Girls calendar will connect with your daughter or granddaughter through adorable illustrations of black and brown girls. Each month has a positive quote.

We promote inclusivity and diversity as well as encourage self-love by illustrating and representing many shades of skin tones in our illustrations. The Pincurl Girls Inspiration Quotes Calendar was created to encourage girls and women to continue to be strong and break barriers.

  • OFFERS RICH, CULTURAL REPRESENTATION - Representation is so important for girls! Our 2024 calendar gives all young girls the opportunity to see themselves, celebrated for being uniquely her! 

  • MOTIVATE & INSPIRE - Our calendar will boost your confidence and lift your spirit. It includes a compilation of inspirational messages created for all teens, girls, and women.

  • MARKS RENOWNED WOMEN’S BIRTHDAYS - Celebrate the legacy and work of accomplished African American women. Our calendar features interesting icons and their birthdays.

  • EMPOWERMENT THROUGH HISTORY - With our beautiful inspirational calendar, you will be reminded of important, women-defining events in history.

  • DAILY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT - Way more than just a calendar! With brave messages of encouragement, our pages and illustrations will help keep you inspired and generate positive vibes in your life. 

Here are more benefits waiting for you inside this calendar:

✅ Comes inside a matching gift envelope to preserve your calendar
✅ 12" x 12", ready to hang with drill hole

✅ Our company is owned and run by a woman
10% of all sales go to the Pincurl Girl Scholarship Fund to provide free memberships to the Art Gang.

Live every day proudly and inspired. Add the Pincurl Girls Calendar 2024 to your cart TODAY!

Hi, it's Jen the artist of the Pincurl Girls. I work alone from my kitchen table when I am not driving my kids around to school, soccer and musical rehearsals. If you love my calendars, please share this link with your friends! I would appreciate any help in reaching a larger audience. Love, Jen


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